Faculty of Tourism Cooperation with Atourin Teknologi Nusantara For Digital Technology

By: Sarojini Imran

Since the signing of the MoU on May 25, 2022, between the Faculty of Tourism, Pancasila University, and Atourin (PT Atourin Teknologi Nusantara), several collaboration activities have been carried out by both parties in coordinating PKP2 (Center for Tourism Research and Development) Universitas Pancasila, including talk shows with the theme:

Digital Technology in Tourism : From  Virtual Tours to Metaverse”  conveyed by resource person Benarivo Triadi Putra: Atourin Chief Executive Officer. A talk show that raises about Technological Developments Through Metaverse in expanding access for anyone to travel to various parts of Indonesia from anywhere and anytime.

Metaverse is a part of virtual reality on the internet that creates as close as possible to the real world. Meta World (Metaverse) is a 3D virtual space that internet users can explore using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices where they can connect with virtual worlds and communities. The talk show, held offline at the Tourism campus, was attended by students and lecturers who realized the importance of following digital technology’s development in the tourism sector.